Canada Day 70-71: Rest Days in Ottawa

Day 70 Catching up with the bike bus

Jenna and I managed to get a photo in front of Parliament before the crowds arrived and then caught up with our friends from Winnipeg: Amy, Matt and Stephen. We had a big breakfast and caught up on all the stuff that happened since we parted ways in Espanola two weeks ago. We all had different goals ahead of us, I only had 200km to reach Montreal, while two of them had 2,000km to reach Halifax and the last two had a few years to cycle around the world.

Afterwards we took care of some bike maintenance and personal admin before heading back into town to meet some of Jenna’s friends for dinner on Elgin Street. There was a really cool bar with a huge range of beers and ciders, so I tried some local ciders and I was content with just chilling out and relaxing.

Day 71 Winding down

We had a very slow day, mostly packing up our stuff and moving out, it was quite awkward, as the people we were staying with asked us to leave, so we ended up moving to another friend’s place instead. I managed to apply for some jobs back home, hoping that I wouldn’t be stuck unemployed for too long when I returned to the real world. Nothing else really happened, we just chilled out in cafes and parks for the day, while there are heaps of interesting museums and galleries to explore in Ottawa, they’re quite expensive and not quite in my budget.




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