More of Jenny

Aside from my blog, there are other places I upload my activities.

Strava is extremely up to date and will have all my cycling logs and include info like my speed, elevation profiles, photos during the ride and sometimes my heart rate data. After a long ride, my number one priority is to upload my Strava results ASAP.

Instagram for my favourite picture for each of my rides.

Facebook has a mix of pictures, videos and status updates, where I post once or twice a week.

I’ve been a member of TripAdvisor since October 2014 and I’ve reviewed over 100 attractions, restaurants and accommodations.


4 thoughts on “More of Jenny

  1. Hi Jenny, thanks for your information. I would love to cycle in Korea from Seoul to Busan too next April. Your roommate in Jeju, Becky.


    • Hi Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoyed reading, if you want any extra info let me know. I’m sure you will have lots of fun cycling across Korea too, there’s so much nice scenery along the way.


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