Day 05: Riding Wellington to Masterton (tourist version)

The day didn’t start off great, with three hours of sleep the night before (courtesy of a very loud snorer in our dorm), but I was eager to hit the road and conquer the 110km ahead of me. It was smooth sailing all the way to Upper Hutt, with generous road shoulders to ride in and perfect weather too. There was no rain, almost no wind and it was a public holiday, so the streets were nice and quiet. After Upper Hutt I stopped for a makeshift picnic; sitting on my inside out raincoat and indulging in a muesli bar and electrolytes.

Things got interesting when I went off road, along the Rimutaka Trail, which took me through some beautiful tracks. It was nice to be away from the cars and enjoy the tranquility, except for a brief moment when I rode through a live firing range.

Along the trail I came across four different tunnels, some of them were named, such as Siberia Tunnel, Price’s Tunnel, or the one below which just had “Enter tunnel at own risk”. It was super creepy, even with my 200 lumen front light, but it looked nice afterwards.

After finishing the the trail, the rest of the ride was pretty straight forward. By then I was racing against time, to make it to my hostel before it got dark.


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