Day 07: Riding Palmerston North to Wanganui

This was a beautiful ride, the first half was sunny and still, so I was able to get some speed behind me and even use my top gears. I was keen to keep up my momentum, so I didn’t stop to take photos, I just sang to myself and stared at the endless rolling meadows. Even though I’m solo on my bike for hours at a time, I don’t feel lonely. There’s always new towns to visit, people to meet and today there were some truckloads of army dudes to wave at.

I'll get the proper link soon

I’ll get the proper link soon

My first stop was at Bulls, so I was hoping there would be a giant bull statue to sit on, but what I saw was even better. If you happen to know me reasonably well, then you’ll understand my appreciation for puns. I like the good ones as much as the bad ones, although I love the bad ones which make people visibly angry. I was stoked to see the triple pun on the first sign, but this was nothing compared to the signpost outside the bakery.

Pun overload

My morning tea was sugar filled but delightful, I’m pleased that I’ve still not had a bad coffee in New Zealand. I enjoyed the lovely murals scattered through town, and rode off into some grey clouds.

The rest of the ride was a bit drizzly, with about three medium sized hills before I reached Wanganui. The town is wonderfully cycle friendly, so I was able to take the boardwalk path to my accommodation. I arrived well ahead of time, an hour before the rain started.


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