My First Road Bike

Just before I left for NZ, I bought a road bike, a 2011 Specialized Amira Expert. I’ve named her Myra and she was delivered just after I flew back to Canberra.

We took our first ride, but I wasn’t too keen on my speed, it was a little higher than that time I rode my hybrid over the same route, with loaded panniers and backpack full of beef goulash. I suspect my average speed was lacking due to the cold, as it was 0 degrees and foggy. My arm and leg warmers are graded for sub zero temperatures, but my face isn’t, so it was a little painful. I guess the warm NZ winter has made me soft and squishy.

The ride back was much nicer and after the fog cleared up, Canberra showed me some love. It was my last day in town, next stop, Perth.


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