EU Day 03: Berlin Cycling

The weather ended up being lovely today, so I planned a morning of cycling to some further sites and an afternoon of museums. First on the list was Charlottenburg Palace, built for the first Prussian royal couple around 1700. It was still being restored and it was massive.


Along the way I took photos of other nice places.


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


A bridge across Landwehrkanal

Next I rode to Tiergarten to find the weekend flea market, however the garden was much bigger than I thought, so I never found it. I did enjoy the scenery though…


Throughout Berlin you can find these bears which are painted and sponsored by different people or groups.


Afterwards I had some lunch and headed back to the hostel. Unfortunately I was feeling really unwell, so I slept for a while. I had my 100km ride tomorrow so I needed to be as rested as possible, although the jetlag hadn’t worn of yet, which really didn’t help. I guess I’ll have to visit the museums when I come back in October.


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