EU Day 56: Riding Zagreb (CRO) to Novo Mesto (SLO)

My day started off with a pleasant surprise, Richard, the guy in the bunk bed above me bought me juice for the road. It was so bright and cheerful looking, unlike the weather outside. At least it was only a short ride, or so I thought.


At the 30km mark I met the Croatia/Slovenia border and I was turned around because it was a local crossing for EU citizens only. The detour to go through the other border would take an extra 40km, or I could wait an hour for the train, take a 90 minute trip back to the start and look for another way. I went with the extra 40km, it’s not much in the grand scheme of things.


The road was mostly smooth and the cooler weather made the ride relatively pleasant. I had the opportunity to spend the rest of my Croatian money before I left the country, although having coffee and coke was not ideal. I was buzzing for a while…


Upon arriving in Slovenia, I came across beautiful rolling hills, the kind I could actually cycle through. I still had plenty of snacks, so I just cruised through the nice roads and snacked on muesli bars and sesame seed snaps.


In the last 45 minutes it got really dark and cold, but luckily I arrived just before it rained. My hostel was really nice, I had the dorm to myself and it was only 6 Euros for the night



As I ventured out for dinner I saw two cycle tourers and introduced myself. They’re a German couple who are cycling touring for the first time and heading to Venice. We had a drink and exchanged details, so hopefully I can catch up with them in Berlin before I fly home. As I went to sleep, I could hear the rain against the roof and hoped that tomorrow would be okay. The forecast mentioned thunderstorms which isn’t ideal, but we’ll see.



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