About Me

My name is Jenny, I’m a 27 year old Aussie, who just happens to cycle a lot. It all started with a six month volunteer program in Tongatapu, an island in the South Pacific, where some friends introduced me to the fun side of cycling. I really enjoyed the feeling of freedom and escapism and it didn’t take long for me to pack all my stuff and cycle to new places.

So far I’ve finished three solo cycling tours, a month in New Zealand,  three months in Europe and a six month tour through South Korea, Japan and Canada. I mostly travel alone and use this blog as a journal to share my experiences. But on a personal level, I keep it to remind myself that the world isn’t such a scary place and all my little failures and disappointments aren’t enough to derail my journey.

Travelling by bike has been pretty rewarding, from an achievement perspective it’s nice to rack up the kilometres, but it forces me to focus and appreciate my surroundings at a slower pace. It’s also a good conversation starter and I’ve been met with a tremendous amount of kindness, which I found surprising as I’ve become accustomed to be being yelled at on my bike. Small gestures really warm my heart, for instance the time I was lost 20km from Prague, and a Vietnamese shop owner gave me a boiled yam to fuel the last bit of my journey.

I’ll let you browse at your leisure, but to make it easier, you can use the category drop down list on the menu to your right, or check out the posts below:

  • My starting point in Tonga
  • Summary of my three month tour in Europe
  • Summary of my first tour in New Zealand, from Wellington and Auckland
  • Summary of my ride through South Korea, from Seoul to Busan
  • Summary of my ride through Japan, from Fukuoka to Tokyo
  • Summary of my ride through Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So Amazing! We met in Vancouver the day b4 You started this adventure and had lunch from the Tacofino food truck 🚚
    Anyhow, it sounds as though You are doing really well and are Enjoying the ride 🚲
    Please keep yourself Safe and keep pedalling!
    Karen, the American


    • Hey Karen! It’s great to hear from you and I’m definitely craving some tacos now. Yes I just left Calgary today and I survived the Rockies (no scary bear encounters). Canada has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see more of it. All the best to you and I hope we cross paths again, probably in Perth some time :). Cheers!


  2. So are you passing through Toronto..and if so, approx. when? I live in Calgary and Vancouver as home. My partner has cycled solo across Canada between Toronto and Vancouver ..twice.


    • Yes I’m planning to reach Toronto around 20th August, if you live there it would be great to catch up and share some stories. Crossing the country twice is pretty impressive, did you take different routes each time?


      • I didn’t cycle across Canada. My partner cycled solo twice. I was working at the time. He took early retirement. I will by visiting Toronto lst wk. in Sept. So you seem to be whizzing fast enough through. You will remain in Canada or dip down into the U.S. for a short period of time before Toronto? There aren’t many highways in northern Ontario.


      • Oh I see, yeah I’m planning to reach Montreal 1st September. My route is to stay in Ontario, take the 17 to Thunder Bay and go along north side of Lake Superior. Slightly worried about road quality etc, but I was gifted some high vis stuff for the journey.

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      • Stay safe. My partner had a flat and hitch-hiked coincidentally the mayor of a small town. He went 230 km. by car..


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