EU Day 16: Riding Vienna (AUT) to Bratislava (SVK)

Today's ride was very straightforward, it was probably the straightest and flattest route I've ever taken. After cycling through the nudist section along the Danube River, nothing else really happened. It was mostly inland and away from the river, so I cheated and played some music to keep myself entertained. The road looked endless and … Continue reading EU Day 16: Riding Vienna (AUT) to Bratislava (SVK)

EU Day 14-15: Vienna

I felt a bit naive going into Vienna, so far I haven't really researched much about each city, I just figure it out when I get there. I was told it was beautiful, but I had no idea what that really meant. It's a bike friendly city so I was happy to hop on my … Continue reading EU Day 14-15: Vienna