EU Day 27: Riding Edirne (TUR) to Krumovgrad (BUL)

Today's ride had some interesting phases, at the start the heat scorched us as we cycled through sunflower fields. But it didn't matter because we were enjoying the slower country pace. At the 44km mark it was lunch time and we were feeling quite content that we were almost half way there and doing relatively … Continue reading EU Day 27: Riding Edirne (TUR) to Krumovgrad (BUL)

EU Day 25-26: Edirne

After yesterday's ride, we were fatigued and hyped up at the same time and didn't sleep until 3am. Both of us found Istanbul uncomfortable and stressful for different reasons. For Leo, he had just returned from volunteering for a year in Tonga (a tiny island in the Pacific) and I've been leisurely cruising and touring … Continue reading EU Day 25-26: Edirne