Day 30: Last day in Bay of Islands

This was my last day in Opua, before I board a bus to Auckland (such a terrible sentence) to fly back home. After finishing off the remainder of the weeds, it was time to do some indoor activities, specifically painting. I was asked to use my artistic skills to add some colour and life to the house, so I mustered all my creativity and inspiration from NZ’s amazing scenery, and came up with this work of art.


Gardening in skins, does this count as inappropriate wearing of skins?


Just kidding, that painting was already there, I just painted windowsills for the day. It was much easier than gardening, I had my music on and went along at my own pace. JP and the kids were home early, so I had a nap on the couch while they watched Octonauts (and possibly Peppa Pig). After I woke up, we went to Ngawha Spa for some mud and relaxation, it was similar to my experience in Rotorua, except it was only $5 and less smelly. Every pool was bubbly and so soothing, my favourite pool was the Lobster, the hottest one I could handle. I doubted that the Jubilee pool could be relaxing, it just seemed like a scalding hot bath to me.



We stayed for about an hour and headed back home after sunset, driving past Paihia one last time. Even though it’s the quiet season and some business shut over winter, I still enjoyed this little town. JP assured me that if I ever wanted to come back, there’d be plenty of work for me, so it’s good to know that my WWOOFing efforts were appreciated.


Paihia by night

It appeared as though the relaxing spas had no effect on the kids, as they were too energetic to go to sleep. We ended up reading some books and snapping this picture before bedtime.


Clockwise from me: Linus, Willow and JP

I stayed up late to do some blogging while eating the rest of JP’s raw, vegan chocolate with coconut. While I’ve been here I’ve had several of Whitaker’s coconut slabs, but this healthy version is way better, seriously. I will be making some when I get home, so don’t knock if before you try it. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day, I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Ann again, a friend I met in Wellington, but I’m a bit nervous about cycling 20km from the bus station to my accommodation. To Auckland drivers and weather, please be kind tomorrow.


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