EU Day 19: Riding Komarno (SVK) to Budapest (HUN)

Today was a bit long, but I was still on the Danube, so at least I couldn’t get lost.


To be honest, not much happened, I planned two stops: Esztergom at 55km and Visegrad at 85km. Both had nice sights, a church and castle, but they were perched on top of extremely steep hills. The Eurovelo route suggested some ferry crossings to take a more scenic route, but I knew I was going to be on the road for at least 8 hours so I wasn’t keen on waiting an hour or two for the ferry to arrive.

The highlights were a brief off road segment of the route and a stop at the ferry landing in Domos, a really small town.


At the 120km mark I knew I didn’t have far to go, but in big cities, the last 10km is always the hardest for me. The cycle paths are less obvious or non existent outside of the city centre and I usually try to go through backstreets or look for paths running parallel to train tracks. Once I saw cycle paths again I just followed everyone else. I approached the bridge near my hostel and I was distracted by this huge building. It’s Parliament and I spent some time just staring at it.


I was staying at Home Plus Hostel and I really did feel at home. They had a free dinner that night, so I was keen for a hot meal before I even showered. There was a good buzz and I enjoyed meeting everyone and finding out where they were from and where they were going. I was glad I picked a nice place and I was looking forward to joining everyone on the walking tour tomorrow. I slept like a log and I was proud that I finished the first three stages of my tour, probably 1000km since Berlin.


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