EU Day 32: Riding Dospat (BUL) to Gotse Delchev (BUL)

This was the easiest ride yet, it was a day of solid downhill action. So that explains why this is such a short post.


After yesterday’s less successful ride, my stomach was still feeling unpleasant, but it was okay because gravity did all the work for us.


The mountains were very pretty and we had some amazing views on our descents.


A temporary delay while some workers were chainsawing fallen trees

We stopped in town for lunch and waited for the rain and grey clouds to pass, it was actually a bit cold for fifteen minutes or so.


Every cycle tourer has a keen eye for sturdy and secure places to lean their loaded bike.


The ride went very smoothly and we made it to our accommodation by 2pm, the earliest we’ve arrived so far. I tried not to think about it, but tomorrow’s destination is in Greece, on the opposite side of that massive mountain ridge.



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