EU Day 34: Riding Sidirokastro (GCE) to Lake Kirkini (GCE)

We started the day with a nice breakfast and reflection about our lives and how things were going. I’ve been used to talking to strangers during my travels, so it was interesting to talk with someone who actually knows me. Six months ago we were in Tonga, part of the volunteer program where we met, and things were very different. My boyfriend had just broken up with me over the phone with the classic “I just don’t want a commitment right now” line. It sucked at the time, but in hindsight I can’t help but feel grateful, as it was one of the catalysts that pointed me towards this new path.

Deep and meaningful conversations aside, we eventually hit the road and came across Lake Kirkini which also happens to be a bird sanctuary. The surrounding areas were like wetlands and we saw plenty of birds and water buffalo.


Although for lunch I ate some water buffalo (pasta dish on the bottom) and it was quite good. The owner of the restaurant also runs outdoor activities on the lake, so we plan to join him on the sunrise boat trip tomorrow. After being so well fed, we spent the remainder of the day with rest and some personal admin, while enjoying the tranquil surroundings.



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