EU Day 35: Riding Lake Kirkini (GCE) to Star Dojran (MKD)

The sunrise boat trip was beautiful and it was nice to feel a cool breeze and watch the birds thrive on the water. The dalmatian pelican is an endangered species, but they’ve done well in the area due to the availability of food and some man made nesting platforms to increase the success rate of breeding. They normally spend time alone, but band together to pick the bugs out of each other’s feathers, otherwise if the bugs build up too much they can’t fly.



In Star Dojran, people go swimming in the lake, but it was kinda dirty so I didn’t stay around long enough to improve my tan. The different tan lines are due to my two pairs of cycling shorts being different lengths.


I preferred walking along the waterfront in the evening, where there were plenty of stalls for sweet treats for sale.



We ended up sleeping very early and both definitely needed the rest. Leo was out cold after lying down to briefly check his phone.



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