EU Day 36: Riding Star Dojran (MKD) to Strumitsa (MKD)

Today’s ride was easy, we left before 8am and had plenty of time to ride before it started getting hot.


We finished before lunch time and it felt strange to be in a bigger city, but we arrived during the Strumitsa Open Festival, so there were activities at night.


The shopping centre nearby

After dinner, I went for the traditional crepe with all the fillings and it was delicious, plus the portion size was probably double compared to yesterday’s dessert.


In the town square there was a big concert and people were dancing, drinking and just chilling out. It was nice to fill up on good food and wander for a little bit, before our big day tomorrow. Our three days of short rides were nice, but soon enough we’d have to get back to climbing those mountains.



Goce Delcev statue


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