EU Day 45: Riding Drobeta-Turnu Severin (ROM) to Vinci (SRB)

It was a lovely day on the Danube River, but the scenery was completely different, there were plenty of sheer cliff faces with a mixture of colours and shapes. Luckily there were tunnels to take us through the mountains rather than over them and the roads were so smooth and quiet.


There was one climb at the start, but it was followed by some epic views of the river.


My bike is so tiny, see if you can spot it


The face of King Decebal, the last Dacian King, he spent his reign fighting the Roman Empire. At around 40m in height, it's the tallest rock carving in Europe

We went through at least a dozen tunnels and glided along the nice roads. For the straightforward rides it has been nice to split up and choose our own pace. Leo usually goes ahead and has plenty of time to take nice photos, while I go at a bit of a slower pace.



It's a one way road through the castle and there was a traffic jam when a truck and a mini car entered at the same time, in the opposite direction.

Our accommodation was really nice and tucked away from the main street. I ended up having a nap while Leo listened to some philosophy audiobooks on the balcony. After a few weeks of touring, we’ve managed to balance out our personal time and do some solo activities too. It would have been nice to stay here longer, but it was a relief to know the next two days would be easy.



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