EU Day 46: Riding Vinci (SRB) to Vrsac (SRB)

Today’s ride was split in half by a nice ferry trip, where we met a group of British cycle tourers, going in the opposite direction to Turkey.


It was quite hot and the ferry left at 12.15 so we were keen to cycle quickly to our accommodation. We arranged an airbnb booking and stayed with a lovely lady named Jelena and settled in nicely.


Ferry time

Once we arrived, we went to explore the city in our own way. Leo was keen to check out a nearby mountain to get a nice view, while I opted for the super cruisy ride into town. I rode very slowly, because on each street there was so much beautiful architecture to admire. It seems as though it’s still the 18th Century here and it’s hard to really capture it in photos. For instance, each building had a huge entrance to cater for horses and carriages, and the patterns around these entrances were so detailed and unique.


Bishop's Palace


Town Hall


Church of St Gérard, it's much more impressive, as you can see it from across town, but I'd need to climb some towers to get a better shot


This is just a random intersection, the perfectly maintained building stands next to ordinary shops and houses


A neat cycling themed café


Leo's view from the hills

We caught up for dinner and went to a locally recommended restaurant, which was full of wooden, hand crafted furniture and decorations. Our meal took two hours to finish, there was just so much delicious food. I went for the steak, which was cooked to perfection and Leo managed to eat 300g of breaded and fried cheese, plus a smorgasbord of salad and vegetables. Our waiter brought us a complimentary Serbian dessert, a crumbed ball filled with plum sauce. We were pretty exhausted when we made it back home and fell asleep right away.



Feels like we're in Game of Thrones

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