EU Day 53: Riding Slavonski Brod (CRO) to Nova Gradiska (CRO)

I started the day nice and early and made sure I steered clear of the freeway. The path through the towns was quite nice and I enjoyed waving and smiling at people as I went past.


I saw a few of these churches along the way and the ride was fairly easy, so I didn’t need to stop for any breaks.


I arrived at my hotel early and the staff were so friendly and let me check in right away. I did my usual wind down routine and had plenty of time to do some personal admin before having lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. I was recommended grilled squid, as a particularly good Croatian dish and I wasn’t disappointed. It was so crispy and delicious, just what I needed to lift my spirits.


I spent the remainder of the afternoon planning the next month of my tour, watching Adventure Time and avoiding the heat outside. I ventured into town to get some groceries, but the town was very quiet, so I didn’t feel bad about spending my day inside. Today was easy and I had plenty of time to recharge and chill out a bit.

The next few days will be getting a bit cooler and I’ll have more time and energy to do some exploring. This stage of the tour is a bit boring because I’m short of time and just trying to get to France as quickly as possible without flying. Flights within Europe are quite cheap but it can be quite expensive to take a bicycle, in some cases an extra 60 Euros ($90 AUD), plus the risk of baggage getting lost in transit. So for a sneak peek, my plan is to go to Ljubljana, Slovenja and catch a train to Munich, Germany and then Paris.


My crumpled plans


3 thoughts on “EU Day 53: Riding Slavonski Brod (CRO) to Nova Gradiska (CRO)

  1. Slavonski Brod is my hometown, hihi. Glad you like it around here, it sure is peace and quiet, mostly πŸ™‚


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