EU Day 54: Riding Nova Gradiska (CRO) to Kutina (CRO)

Today’s ride was nice and speedy, thanks to the wind being in my favour and possibly the jug of coffee I had at breakfast. I slept exceptionally well and while the room entrance looks a bit prison like, the sound proofed door and light blocking roller shutter gave me a perfect night of sleep.



For the first part I went past quite a few ruined buildings, some of which looked like they had bullet holes.


Afterwards there were some more busy towns and it was nice to see people gardening and sitting in outdoor cafés.



What a cute couple!

I was surprised to make it to Kutina so quickly, but it looked like a charming place with some cool things to see. My top three sites were the Church of St Mary of the Snow, the museum and the gallery. All three were shut so I got out of the heat and went back to my room to watch Animal Planet on TV and do some origami.


The inside of the church, from the tourism website

There were still nice things around the city centre and the touristy things had a QR code that you could scan for more information. For instance the Kutina Fairy is an inspiration to poets and was gifted to the city to celebrate 750 years since it was first mentioned in history.



I think it's the town hall or administration building

It was a low key day, but tomorrow I have a 90km ride to Zagreb where I have a few activities already planned. Recently my sweet tooth had been uncharacteristically dormant, but Zagreb has an Aida cake shop (a 100+ year old franchise from Austria) which I aim to visit at least twice. I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight…

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