EU Day 65: Train Rouen (FRA) to Dieppe (FRA)

I woke up this morning feeling dizzy, similar to what I experienced in Gotse Delcev, Bulgaria a month ago. I still haven’t figured out what the cause is, but after sleeping in until nine and seeing the stormy weather, the train seemed like a good option. The 8km ride to the train station didn’t take long, but it ensured that my clothes and shoes were saturated and cold.

Two and a half hours later I arrived in Dieppe, and cycled to my airbnb accommodation. The garden views were lovely and the rain left me alone for the rest of the day.

The beach was only two kilometres away and it looked so different to the beaches back in Australia. There were plenty of rocks and sheer cliff faces as far as I could see.



So many Canadian flags here


The winner of some kind of cycling event

When I made it back home, my host, Odile let me use her computer to sort out my accommodation for the rest of my trip and look up directions for tomorrow. Unfortunately it was going to be a 110km ride through the rain, so I did my best to write down and memorise the route. Afterwards Odile invited me to have dinner with her and it was so great to have a home cooked meal. She was a comedian (now she works as a director) and has done so many interesting things in her life. It was such a morale booster to just chat and take my mind off the stressful stuff. I fell asleep quickly, hoping the weather would be okay in the morning


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