EU Day 66: Riding Dieppe (FRA) to Berck (FRA)

I was still feeling dizzy today, but I had to cycle since there weren’t any reliable public transport options. There were blue skies, so I tried to make the most of it and cover as many kilometres as possible before it rained.


I saw grey clouds approaching from the east, going in the same direction as me, and I kept pedalling to try and stay ahead. My first stop was after 30km at Le Treport, where I stopped for photos along the boardwalk and found a free map at the tourist centre.





Half an hour later it started pouring and both of my shoes had puddles in them. Fortunately the rest of the ride was all on separate bike paths, so I could ride without cars bothering me or splashing me with mud.


In the final hour, the rain stopped but the wind intensified. I had been cycling for 60km without a break and pulled over at a supermarket carpark. I bought four croissants earlier in the day, and feasted on two of them while I switched over to my dry jacket and dry gloves. My mind was starting to tire, but I told myself I could do it and I only had a little bit longer to go.

I arrived at my airbnb accommodation and happily settled into some warm and dry clothes. I ended up cooking for myself dinner for the first time during the tour and it felt good. It was too wet and windy outside to go and buy a new phone or bike brakes (both broke two days ago), so I went to be early.


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