EU Day 73: Riding Ghent (BEL) to Antwerp (BEL)

Today’s ride was mostly along the N70 highway, so there wasn’t much interesting scenery.


My GPS died within the first kilometre, but it didn’t really matter until the last part. I could see the city on the other side of the river, but no bridge to cross over. The first tunnel I saw was for cars only and I eventually found the pedestrian and cyclist tunnel.


Along they way, I went past the oldest building in Antwerp, a 10th century fort called the Hetsteen.


The city hall looks pretty swish, although I wasn’t sure what all the construction was for.


After checking in at my hostel, I wandered around to look for a nice restaurant and came across this massive building. It’s the central train station and it’s just as extravagant on the inside.


The rest of the night was pretty chilled out, I chatted with my dorm mate, Heather from California. She’s an avid traveler and takes a few months each year to explore a new place and tackle loads of outdoorsy. I was thoroughly impressed and it was good to talk to another solo female traveler and share our experiences. I went to bed early and hoped to get some better sleep.

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