EU Day 74: Riding Antwerp (BEL) to Rotterdam (NED)

The ride today was a bit longer than expected, and I had handwritten directions in case my GPS failed again, which happened after 25km. It was a bit drizzly, but I tried to keep up my pace to try and beat the afternoon rain which was forecasted in Rotterdam.



My directions were vague towards the end, I wrote “cross the water” and luckily there was a special cyclist tunnel nearby. As I approached the city, it rained heavily and the city turned grey. There was a really futuristic bridge, nice parks and public art, but unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take photos.


I stayed at King Kong hostel, which was super comfy, the bunks were all double beds and after a long day it was amazing to lie down. I was feeling a bit homesick lately, so I had some Vietnamese food for dinner, to remind me of mum’s cooking.



Afterwards I went to the supermarket for some snacks for tomorrow’s ride. In the breakfast section there were so many sweet foods like sprinkles for your toast and so many delicious spreads. I’m lucky I’m only here for a week, or I’d probably become addicted to sugar. I headed back to the hostel and with the sound of rain outside, I fell asleep quickly.



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