South Korea Day 11: Riding Sangju to Gumi

I caught the bus to the start point of Sangju and took it easy. With the colder weather behind me, I went to Korea Post to send some of my clothes back home. The experience was very pleasant, everything was taken care of and they gave me some branded wet wipes to take with me.

Before I started on my route to Gumi, I headed to the Sangju Bicycle Museum, roughly 10km away, along flower lined streets.

Flower time!

A lecture hall, built in 1606

The museum was pretty neat, they had plenty of strange and interesting things on display, plus photos from their annual bike festival.

The rest of the ride was pretty straight forward, no big surprises, just a steady headwind holding me back. Getting into town in Gumi wasn’t pleasant, there was a lot of traffic and the guest house location was a bit dodgy. I got some unwelcome looks as I went out to find dinner, so I took the hint and didn’t wander very far. It’s all good though, the rest of week looks sunny and I’m getting closer to the finish line.

Gumi Weir


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