South Korea Day 12: Riding Gumi to Hyeongpung-myeon

Today’s ride was lovely, there was almost no wind and I felt like I was gliding the whole way through.

The paths were super smooth and there were plenty of cyclists enjoying the perfect weekend weather.

The Arc, an interesting building with an art gallery and observation deck

It was much warmer than usual and I took a few extra breaks to get some shade and talk to other cyclists. I felt like I was back in the zone, after the setbacks from earlier in the week, I regained my momentum and it felt great. I received some well wishes and a Japanese cyclist gave me a little chocolate treat during my break.

A not so typical rest stop

A fellow cyclist with a sticker for finishing the Seoul to Busan route

I made it to my accommodation at 2.30, about 4 hours earlier than usual and just kicked back to enjoy some TV and free wifi. For dinner, I accidentally ordered an insane amount of bulgogi, but managed to finish it all anyway, although I felt like I was going to be full for days. I guess I’ll have plenty of energy for tomorrow’s ride.


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