South Korea Day 14: Riding Namji-eup to Yangsan

It was my second last ride before the finish line at Busan. I had wrapped up all the hills, so all I had to do was follow the river for a few hours. There was a fairly strong headwind for most of the ride, so I listened to music to block out the noise.

As usual, the paths were in excellent condition and there were even more upgrades under construction. The ride was tedious and frustrating at times, but it felt good knowing I was almost there.

Separate bridges for cars and pedestrians, both have cycle paths though

Upon arrival in Yangsan, I noticed it wasn’t busy at all, despite the massive apartments in the background. But most of the buildings looked very new, so my hotel ended up being pretty swanky.

The lobby had a popcorn machine and the lift was actually big enough to fit my bike (usually I get stuck and have to awkwardly flip it vertically). There are only one or two English TV channels, so I ended up watching Harry Potter for a little while before dinner. 

I’m looking forward to making it to Busan tomorrow; I get a medal for completing the Cross Country Route, a week to explore and then I catch a ferry to Fukuoka, Japan.


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