Japan Day 38: Riding Takayama to Honokidaira

Today’s ride was short, but I chose the Honokidaira Ski Area because it’s close to the Norikura Skyline, the highest road in Japan, peaking at 2700m above sea level. Assuming that the weather is okay, I plan to ride my bike up to the top tomorrow and see Mount Norikura for myself. However I had a fair amount of climbing today and with the humidity lurking around 90%, I was sweaty and gross the whole time.

I arrived at 1pm and the area was super quiet, although there were plenty of vending machines and exceptionally clean restrooms, so thankfully I could relax until 3pm, when the hostel owner arrived. I just read my kindle and enjoyed some free wifi, which was really relaxing. The photos look dark because of the menacing storm clouds, but my accommodation was actually quite nice. I had a traditional Japanese room with the tatami mats, a tea table and mattresses stored in the wardrobe, but the room can fit up to three people. While I was enjoying the view from my room and making some origami, the hostel owner prepared a nice, hot bath for me.

For dinner I had the snacks and ready made meals I bought from 7/11 earlier in the day, since the area is very quiet outside of the ski season, I stocked up a lot. I procrastinated a while before calling my mum, only because I was nervous about telling her that I booked flights to Canada. I thought she would be even more worried about me, but she’s just happy that I’m happy roaming around on my bike. My official date to fly out to Vancouver is 19th June with Delta Airlines, they’re not the cheapest, but their route and bicycle policy is the most lenient. Provided that I can get my bicycle into a box where the height+length+width is less than 158cm, there’s no extra charge, so I’m trusting that some creative Japanese luggage wrappers can help me figure it out.


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