Canada Day 54-55: Riding Montreal River Harbour to Sault Ste Marie and Rest Day

Day 54 Riding Montreal River Harbour to Sault Ste Marie

We started the morning with a photo to celebrate the biggest group of female cycling tourers I’ve seen in one place. Isabelle and I headed off to Sault Ste Marie together and kept each other motivated through the big climbs. Luckily there was a tailwind for most of the ride, so we managed to maintain a good pace.


From the left, Susan, Wanda, Me, Daryl and Isabelle

I arrived in town and met up with Jeff and Juanita, my warmshowers hosts, who had lots of activities planned for my stay. They also made sure I had plenty of snacks and food throughout the day. After dinner, we headed down to the waterfront to see the city’s first Fringe Festival and then drove to a quiet spot to watch the Perseid meteor shower. It was a late night, but it was cool to see something a little different and I was glad to have a day off to rest and sleep in.


Trout and buttered corn for dinner


Day 55 Rest Day in Sault Ste Marie

I woke up to a delicious breakfast, complete with croissants, eggs and local fruits. The weather was great and we headed to the canal to spot some beavers. It was awesome to see their dens and dams, but the only beavers I could find were stuffing their faces with lillies and reeds. For the rest of the day, I took care of personal admin like cleaning my bike and applying for some jobs back home. With only three weeks left in Canada, it’s time to start planning what I’ll do once I’m back in Australia.


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