EU Day 49-50: Riding Belgrade (SRB) to Novi Sad (SRB) and rest day

It was the last ride with Leo and we managed to knock it out very quickly. The road was perfectly smooth and there was a mild tailwind to help is along too.


After lunch and some ice cream, we parted ways and it didn’t seem real. A month had gone by and it was so casual to just say “cya later”, but we knew our time was short and we each had really exciting stuff to do.


Artwork in Novi Sad, I still don't know who it is


Tough decisions for Leo at Moritz Eis

I ended up doing some chores, like laundry and cleaning my bike, just catching up on some normal things to slow myself down a bit. The city had plenty of beautiful buildings and loads of restaurants and cafés to choose from. I eventually picked a place and tried honey rakija too, it was really smooth and a little bit addictive. Then of course I went for more ice cream and called it a night.


The next morning I slept in and eventually made it to Petrovaradan Fortress, which is well known as the location for EXIT festival, an annual summer music festival. It’s huge and there’s a lovely view of the city and river.


The famous clock with the long arm on the hour and the short arm on the minute


Sorry, I was too hungry to wait for a sunset photo

For dinner I treated myself to a mushroom steak and some rice, I’ve been missing rice a bit too much lately. Of course I had to prepare myself for a 112km ride tomorrow, which is going to be a 35 degree day. It looks like this sweet break ended too quickly.



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