Japan Day 04: Riding Fukuoka City to Kitakyushu

Leaving the city was a bit slow, stopping and starting at each intersection, but once I hit the highways it was fine, aside from that blunder when I went in the wrong direction and had to retrace my steps.

The 495 Route went along the coast, where I saw some beaches and windsurfers, but the headwind wasn’t too pleasant. There was a bit of roadwork along the way, but I was able to bypass most of them by sticking to the bike lane. The roads are wide and drivers gave me a lot of space, so there was nothing to worry about. There were lots of farms along the way and as I got closer to the mountains, I could see all the different colours and it was really pleasant. There were some minor uphill parts here and there, but they were gentle slopes so I didn’t need to worry.

Settling into my accommodation was easy, I had some dinner and bought supplies for the next day. I still find the supermarkets fascinating, there are so many different products that I’ve never seen before and the packaging is so cute.

Fried chicken and curry, best of both worlds

Visiting the bakery for little pikelets with cream


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