Japan Day 08-10: Exploring Hiroshima

Day 08 It was raining today, so I picked indoor activities instead, but I still cycled around since it's the easiest way to see different sites. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was really interesting, it contained three parts: the impact of the bombing in 1945, the recovery period afterwards and the stories of the victims … Continue reading Japan Day 08-10: Exploring Hiroshima

Japan Day 07: Riding Tsuwano to Hiroshima 

Today's ride was brutal, I prepped myself for 8-10 hours of riding and headed to the 24 hour store nice and early to buy supplies. The first 10km to Nichihara was really steep, but I didn't see a sign for the town, so I checked my phone and realised I cycled in the wrong direction. … Continue reading Japan Day 07: Riding Tsuwano to Hiroshima